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You want to be a successful carrier woman? never wear any of these to office.
1. Worn out jeans
You work at an office, it means you are money maker, so prove it. You don’t wanna look like a homeless beggar wondering around the building, do you?

2. Net stocking
Most women want to look and feel sexy. By wearing this they feel the sexiness by it’s holding tight around the thigh, but for me it isn’t. Net legging = Trashy. It isn’t appropriate in any occasion.

3. Sweat pants
It is clear! They invent sweat pant for sweaty occasion!

4. Super high heels
It is sexy, but also torturing. You’ve had enough torture from your evil bossy boss right. 8 cm is the top notch.

5. Mini mini skirt
Unless you work in prostitution sector, wear it!

6. Bling bling things
Is working 9 to 5 in office making you a millionaire. It doesn’t!! So face it!! Nothing can replace the real glow of diamond. If it is one, fine!! More than it…poor you..

7. button down shirt / low necklines top
Let the twin stay inside during the working hour. They won’t help you to get a promotion.

8. Unfit shirt
It is cheap, yet embarrassing. It says that you are fat or poor or bitchy or careless….everything negative! Are you playing peek a boobs in the office?

9. Flip flop
Do I have to explain???

10. Messy hair
Finally, you wear the most appropriate clothes to work, but with this hair…no one will take you seriously. These are what I call messy…


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