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The Perfect Gown

Choosing the wedding gown is the most exciting part and my taste is always changing from week to week. At first i like to have a simple white wedding gown like this one

The next moment i demand something lacy and classic as this one

Then again i change my mind to go Greek goddess

Now, the day is getting closer I heart for something over the top

Well…up till now i haven’t decided yet which one best for me…


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The moment every girl been dreaming on. It’s white, beautiful, elegance and the one you love is beside you…ooohhh sound great. Well it is, but the way too it is like building Noah’s ark..complicated, time-energy-and money consuming and nerve wracking. As soon as we (me and my boyfriend) decided to get married (which i realize later that my boyfriend never really propose me, the idea just pop up after we attend a friend’s wedding—weird!!!) i jot down everything i want and need for the wedding on a piece of paper, and it never enough. So we start with the venue. I browsed and called every wedding venue asked for the price but then i realize that i should pick the date first. After we’ve found the date, we found out that the venue was fully booked…oooohhhh i was so daammn mad…well it’s just the beginning of the wedding preparation, many things will come out differently than the way you want. and yes it is….But  i try not to be worry (try sooo hard)  I just keep the faith that at the end of the day i will still with the one I want in the next 50 years.

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